How Can I Make Group Travel Bookings with Volaris?

Volaris Group Travel

Volaris Group Travel ensures a smooth and budget-friendly flying experience, whether you are planning a leisure vacation with your family or a business trip with your colleagues. With this policy, passengers can easily request special fares and services, thus enjoying every inch of their journey without costing a dime.

Remember that group travel is applicable if you are flying with ten or more members on the same route. All set to make group bookings? Read the guide and find all the key highlights of the Volaris Group Booking policy, how to request a quote, and the fees associated with it. Here are the details.

How Can I Make Group Travel With Volaris Airlines?

You can request the Volaris Group fare quote online or offline and book tickets accordingly. Whatever method you choose, be sure to provide the correct information and get a quote in under 10 minutes. Scroll through the methods below and choose accordingly.

Request Quote Via Website

  • Go to the “Group Travel” page on the Volaris official site.
  • Select the “Group Booking” option.
  • Add all the necessary details to the Volaris Airlines group travel form, including your contact info, group details, expected quotations, and more.
  • Click “Submit.
  • The airline’s professional will contact you within 10 minutes and offer a group travel quote.
  • If it goes well with your budget, accept it right away, or you can discuss it with your group members.
  • Pay the security deposit and block your space on Volaris flights.

Over a Call

  • Besides using the online method, you can make a Volaris group travel booking using the official phone number.
  • Launch the dialer pad and enter the airline’s group desk number, 1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)
  • Connect to the IVR menu.
  • Follow the voice commands and press the button corresponding to the group bookings.
  • It will redirect your call to the live agent.
  • Discuss your group booking details with them and request a quote.
  • The professional will then review your request and offer a travel quote.
  • Accept it right away or take some time to discuss it with other group members.
  • Once you submit the security deposit, the airline will send you an email regarding it.

What is the Group Travel Policy of Volaris Airlines?

Volaris Airlines has put a dedicated group travel policy in place to ensure a smooth, hassle-free booking. So, before you request a quote, check all the key guidelines here and proceed accordingly.

  • The airline’s group travel policy applies to a group of ten or more passengers flying together on the same itinerary.
  • Passengers can block their space with a small deposit and can pay the final payment in installments.
  • Volaris Group Travel policy allows passengers to submit their list up to 96 hours before the flight departure.
  • The group travel quote is available for a limited time, so accept it instantly and block your space.
  • With the Volaris Airlines Group Travel Policy, passengers can change the flight date for free.

What are the Key Advantages of Volaris Group Travel?

Volaris Group Tickets not only offer special fares and personalized services but also come with numerous other advantages. Let’s map out a few of them here to simplify your decision.

Pay in Installments

Group Travel is generally preferred due to their flexible payment options. Passengers can maximize their traveling experience by paying at their own pace. Besides, you can take advantage of interest-free months in case you are a INVEX cardholder.

Free First Flight Change

Your first date change is absolutely free with Volaris Airlines Group Travel. However, you must pay the fare difference. Also, you can change the name on your tickets and travel worry-free.

Special Deals and Offers

Keep an eye on Volaris Airlines Group Sales and offers and maximize your savings. Be mindful that these discounts and offers are available for a limited time, so grab them at the earliest.

Travel with the baggage you need

Passengers flying in a group can choose to travel with or without baggage, depending on their requirements. Moreover, you can add extra bags to your bookings at the time of check-in or pre-flight and fly hassle-free.

Hassle-free Name Additions

The airline allows you to add the passenger list up to 96 hours before the departure. Name additions are absolutely free and allow passengers to organize their group travel easily.

Summing Up

Flying in a group? Opt for Volaris Group Travel and enjoy exclusive fares and discounts to trim your travel expenses. With this, you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of the free initial date change. So, why wait? Request a group travel now and get a price estimate instantly. Accept the quote to block your space and complete the final payment at your own pace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Group Travel name change fee?

Passengers can easily adjust their names in group bookings by paying MXN 500 per passenger on domestic flights and USD50 on international flights.

Q. What payment options are available to complete Volaris group bookings?

Volaris offers two payment options to complete group bookings, namely Credit or Debit Card and Bank Transfer.

Q. Can we reduce the number of passengers in Volaris Group Bookings?

Yes, you can reduce the number of passengers in your bookings by up to 20%.

Q. How do I make name registration and changes in group bookings?

To register your name, you can visit the Group page on the official site, click “Request Info”, and upload an Excel file with the passenger list.

How Can I Make Group Travel Bookings with Volaris?
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