How Can You Change Your Flight with Volaris?

Volaris Airlines Change Flight

What if you are all set for your upcoming journey with Volaris, and suddenly, an emergency pops up from nowhere, leading to flight changes? Sounds exasperating? Flight changes can never be amusing, as they might cost you extra dollars and bring tons of doubts and queries.

But thankfully, Volaris Airlines understands your concerns and lets you make easy adjustments. Volaris Change Flight Policy has got you covered even for last-minute modifications. So, why wait? Continue scrolling the page and find all the nitty-gritty details about the airline’s change flight policy to avoid any last-minute mess. Stick to the instructions and modify your Volaris itinerary accordingly.

How to Change Volaris Airlines Flight?

Looking forward to the Volaris Flight Change process and wondering where to get started? Visit the My Trips section and make necessary adjustments with a swipe of your fingertips. Here’s how to begin.

  • Head to the Volaris Airlines official site.
  • Click the “My Trips” tab from the main menu.
  • Access your bookings using the following details:
  • Reservation Code
  • Passenger’s Last Name
  • Tap “Go to My Reservation” to retrieve your itinerary details.
  • Select the flight you wish to change.
  • Select the origin, destination, and the desired date.
  • Browse new flight options and make a suitable choice.
  • Add other services if required and continue to pay the difference in fare.
  • Complete your payment and click Submit to save your changes.

In addition to using the My Trips tab, you can visit the Volaris Customer Service desk to change your flight. Provide them with the flight details and discuss your new travel preferences to modify your itinerary.

Volaris Change Flight Policy – The Key Terms and Conditions

An emergency arises without any prior notice. Volars understands this fact and allows passengers to make vital adjustments to their existing plans. However, its change policy typically comes with a few terms and conditions that flyers should be aware of. Here’s what you should need to know.

    • Changes can be made up to 4 hours before the flight.
    • Passengers cannot modify their Volaris flight once they have checked in and received their boarding passes.
  • The Volaris Change My Flight option is solely available to those who have fully paid for their reservations. Changes are not allowed if passengers have only made a partial payment.
  • If you make a change to your itinerary on the website, it will apply to all passengers included in the booking.
  • When modifying your Volaris flight, you cannot modify the country of origin. To change your source airport, you must cancel your bookings first and then make a new reservation with the new origin airport.
  • Lastly, passengers can only modify the time and date of their return flights if their outbound has already left the origin airport.

What is Volaris Airlines Change Flight Fee?

Planning to change your Volaris itinerary? Hold on and learn about the Volaris change flight fee first and then take further steps accordingly. Volaris Airlines charges a change fee to modify your itinerary and name. The fee depends on the time left before the scheduled departure and the method used (web or airport). Scroll down and find the details here.


Time Left



Itinerary change

More than 24 hours before the flight departure



Itinerary change

Between 24 hours and 4 hours before the flight takes off



Name Change

Up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure



What is Volaris Airlines Flexibility Combo?

While Volaris allows you to modify their itinerary, its hefty change fee can cost you a fortune. Hence, it’s better to add a Flexibility Combo to your bookings and keep the change fee to a minimum. Here’s what you should know about Volaris Airlines Flexibility Combo.

  • This combo offers unlimited time or date changes.
  • Offers departure protection
  • Lets you take the immediate flight before or after your scheduled option. However, the flight must have the same origin and destination airport. 
  • You can add this Flexibility Combo at the time of flight booking by paying $31.99 – $38.99.

Can I Change My Name on the Volaris Airlines Flight Ticket?

The simple answer is Yes. Volaris Airlines not only allows passengers to make itinerary changes but also allows them to rectify the spelling or name errors on their flight tickets.

To avail of this service

  • Contact the Volaris Change Flight Phone Number, verify your details with the agent,. And request a name change.
  • Keep the necessary documents handy to expedite the process.
  • Pay the corresponding fee, and it’s done.

Remember that the name change service is not applicable if

  • You have used a Volaris electronic voucher to purchase the flight ticket.
  • You didn’t show up for a flight.
  • If you want to change an adult ticket for a minor and vice versa.

Summing Up

Volaris Flight changes can never be fun – after all, this option comes with a hefty price tag. But, sometimes, things don’t go as intended, and you have to opt for the Volaris Change Flight Policy. So, if you unfortunately get stuck in such a condition, don’t worry and stick to the instructions to streamline the modifications. Besides, you can invest in the More Flexibility Combo to save a few dollars on flight changes.


How to change Volaris flight?

You can change the Volaris flight using the “My Trips” tab or call the Volaris change flight phone number.

How much does Volaris charge to change flights?

It depends on when you are initiating the process. Volaris change fee ranges between $74.99 and $99.99.

Can I change my flight date on Volaris?

Yes, sure. You can change the flight date and time up to 4 hours before the flight departure.

How Can You Change Your Flight with Volaris?
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