Volaris Airlines Refund Policy

Volaris Airlines Refund Policy

Calling off your journey is simple – all you have to do is access your booking details and click the “Cancel Flight” button to get the job done. But the problem arises when you seek your hard-earned dollars back. All airlines have a dedicated refund policy to handle such requests, and passengers must be aware of the key terms and conditions to avoid any hassle later on.

So, if you are planning to travel with Volaris and expecting last-minute changes, please read the Volaris Airlines Refund Policy to avoid losing your money. This policy covers the different situations under which passengers are eligible to request a refund. Read the details here.

Volaris Refund Policy – Key Terms & Conditions

Before you cancel your Volaris itinerary, make sure to outline the key highlights of the airline’s refund policy. Once you gather the information, proceed further and apply for Volaris Refunds in a few simple taps. Check the details here.

  • Travelers are entitled to a full refund if they cancel their Volaris tickets for domestic flights within 24 hours of booking.
  • If your flight is scheduled within a 24-hour period after your purchase, you may cancel your bookings at least 3 hours before the departure to get a refund.
  • Whether you are eligible for a refund or not depends on your ticket type and flight route. So, always read the conditions first and choose wisely. 
  • All refunds apply to the total cost of your ticket and to all the flights booked. For example, if you have purchased the round trip, the cancelation and refund shall apply to both segments.
  • According to the Volaris Refund Policy, the airline will process made to the original form of payment.
  • However, if your payment method doesn’t allow it, you will required to provide further details to the airline to get the refund.
  • All refunds processed in the original form of payment depend on the time taken by the banks and their existing procedures.
  • However, refunds by other means will be credited as soon as the customer provides the required details.
  • In the event of a package, the refund time shall depend on the process of each service provider.
  • Volaris generally takes 30 business days to process a refund. So, be patient until you get your money back.

How to Request a Refund from the Volaris Airlines?

Now that you know about the Volaris Airlines Refund Policy, it’s time to begin the process and request a refund for your canceled ticket. Stick to the instructions below and get started.

Over a Call

  • Dial the Volaris Airlines customer service phone number, 1 855 VOLARIS (8652747).
  • Make sure all digits are in place to establish a secure connection.
  • Listen to the voice prompts carefully.
  • Press the correct number to redirect your call to the customer representative.
  • Be prepared for the call wait times, especially during peak times.
  • As soon as the agent is on the line, ask them to cancel your flight and request Volaris Airlines Refunds.
  • The assigned professional will then check your eligibility and guide you through the process.
  • Ask about the available methods by which you can get a refund.
  • Select the preferred option and proceed.
  • Be patient, as the airline may take up to 30 business days to process your amount.


  • Go to the Volaris official site.
  • Click the “My Trips” section.
  • Add your Booking Code and Last Name.
  • Tap “Go to My Reservation”.
  • Access your trip booking details.
  • Select the flight you want to discontinue.
  • Click the “Cancel Flight” button.
  • Confirm your choice.
  • Locate the Request Refund option (it will appear only if your ticket type is eligible for the refund).
  • The airline will then send you a confirmation email regarding the flight cancelation and refund request.
  • Use the reference number to track your refund request.

Who is Not Eligible to Request Volaris Refunds?

To your surprise, not all passengers are eligible to request a refund from Volaris Airlines. So, before you jump into the process, please check your eligibility and proceed accordingly. Here are the details.

  • This service is not applicable if you have already checked in for either of the segments, either via electronic means or at the airport.
  • No refund shall be applicable if passengers have made flight bookings via the airline’s electronic voucher.
  • Volaris won’t handle refund requests for tickets booked through a third-party website or a travel agency. In such cases, you must contact them to request a refund.
  • For any flight segment purchased via Plus Fare, you must cancel your flight and request a refund up to 24 hours before the departure of the first flight segment. No refund will be processed if you exceed the time limit.

Please be mindful that the airline won’t handle refund requests for vacation packages and cruises online, and you must speak to the Volaris Customer Service agent to seek your money. Call them at any time and keep all the details handy.

Summing Up

Don’t want to fly any longer? Cancel your flight tickets and drop off your plans in a few simple taps. But before you proceed, check all the terms and conditions of the Volaris Airlines Refund Policy to avoid last-minute fuss. The airline offers refunds in multiple forms, so provide your details and get your hard-earned dollars back. Do you need more assistance? Please connect with the airline’s customer support desk to seek help.


Where should I call to request a refund for the Volaris cruise cancelation?

To request a refund for cruise cancelation, you must dial 01 (800) 744-6935 and speak to the live agent at Volaris to see real-time help.

How many days may Volaris take to process a refund for flights originating in Guatemala?

The airline may process the refund within 15 business days for flights originating in Guatemala, Colombia, and El Salvador.

Does Volaris Airlines charge a service fee for processing a refund?

It depends on the flight route. For example, Volaris may retain 10% of the value received as airfare for flights originating in Peru and Colombia.

Volaris Airlines Refund Policy
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